Filipino migrant worker Andrew Montes posted on his Facebook page that his luggage had been tampered with and his mobile phone, money and some valuables were missing. Photo: Facebook/Mah Fe Moskila

A deported Filipino migrant worker has claimed he lost money and valuables from his check-in luggage when he arrived in the Philippines from Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

Andrew Montes, who was deported from Saudi Arabia and arrived in the Philippines on November 17, said in a Facebook post that immigration personnel in Jeddah instructed him to check-in all of his belongings as he was not allowed to carry any of his belongings on the plane, GMA News reported.

After landing in Manila, Montes was surprised to find that his mobile phone, 3,000 riyals (US$800) in cash and some jewelry was missing from his baggage. Montes said he was uncertain if the items were stolen in Jeddah or at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) said they coordinated with the ground handler of Saudia Airlines and found no basis for Montes’  allegation.

“It was learned that footage taken from body cameras of their ramp agents revealed no noticeable irregularities or mishandling of baggage,” the MIAA said.

Montes filed a complaint before Saudia Airlines representatives at NAIA, who promised that the airline would pay him back for the lost items. However, Montes said he received an email from Saudia, saying the airline was not liable for any of the missing items.