The Kowloon City Magistrates' Court. Photo: Google Maps
The Kowloon City Magistrates' Court. Photo: Google Maps

A 60-year-old mainland Chinese man was acquitted of an indecent assault charge on a Filipina domestic worker on Monday at Kowloon City Magistrates Court.

Magistrate Amy Chan Wai-mun said the case was a typical one-against-one case in which the credibility of the victim’s testimony and statements were very important, Oriental Daily reported.

The defendant He Shisheng, a Chinese traditional physician, allegedly indecently assaulted the Filipina domestic worker identified as X in his friend’s luxury apartment when he was staying there in August.

The court earlier heard that the defendant went to X’s room and gave her a massage. Despite the repeated objections of X, the defendant allegedly indecently touched her breast five times. X turned on her mobile phone camera and secretly took a video of the man.

The defense lawyer said X agreed to the massage, and did not continue to work for her employer after the alleged assault. The lawyer claimed she was making false accusations against the defendant because she wanted to demand compensation from her former employer.

The magistrate said X should have left the room after the defendant stopped the assault, but did not.

Meanwhile, in the video clip shown in court, X was seen to be calm and did not appear as if she had just been indecently assaulted.

The magistrate said X did not tell the truth, so she found the defendant not guilty.

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