New Taipei District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
New Taipei District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Taiwanese man posing as a policeman was charged with forcing a Vietnamese masseuse to have sex with him after threatening to close her massage business is she did not comply.

The Taiwanese army lieutenant, now suspended, faced charges of rape and producing forged documents by the New Taipei District Prosecutors Office for offenses he allegedly committed in March last year.

The accused found an official police warrant card in the streets of New Taipei City in January 2017 and altered it with a photo of himself in army uniform in August the same year, The Liberty Times reported.

It was learned that on March 8, 2018, the man booked a 90-minute session at a massage parlor in Zhonghe district at a rate of NT$1,500, where he later posed as a police officer. He allegedly waved the fake ID card at the Vietnamese masseuse and said he was checking to see if any vice activities were going on at the parlor.

While the woman was giving him a massage, the man threatened to close down her business if she did not make love to him. The woman was startled when the man started removing her clothes, and he then had sex with her against her will.

The woman did not file a complaint as she believed the man was a genuine police officer and she did not want to get into trouble. In August, prosecutors visited the parlor while investigating another molestation case, committed by the same man, and the woman told them her story.

The man was arrested and faces charges of producing forged documents and raping the Vietnamese woman.