Sham Shui Po in Kowloon where the incident happened. Photo: Google Maps

Police arrested a woman after she attacked a 69-year-old woman on a street with a broom in Sham Shui Po in Kowloon on Tuesday.

At 3pm, an old street hawker selling white champaca and medicated oil at the intersection of Yu Chau Street and Kweilin Street was criticized by a 40-year-old woman for obstructing the street, Apple Daily reported.

Video footage captured by an onlooker showed the two women arguing at first before the younger woman lost her temper and hit the older woman with a brunch of flowers she’d been holding in her hand.

While onlookers warned the younger woman to stop the assault and called police, the woman pushed over a trolley belonging to the older woman, scattering flowers and goods on the street.

The younger woman became emotional, swore at the old woman and grabbed a broom from a nearby store and hit the woman in the head, leaving her covered in blood.

Onlookers stepped in to stop the attack. The older woman grabbed a folding chair and asked onlookers if she should hit back. But people told her not to, otherwise she would be guilty of assault.

Officers arrived and arrested the younger woman. The older woman was sent to hospital for treatment to her head wound.