Yonghe Precinct, New Taipei City Police Department, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 42-year-old Vietnamese woman who was found to have overstayed in Taiwan for nearly 10 years was arrested for using false identification during a police random check in New Taipei, Taiwan.

A taxi carrying three foreign workers was stopped by officers from Yonghe Precinct, New Taipei City Police Department, The Read Daily reported.

While carrying out checks, officers were suspicious of one of the female passengers, who told them her name was Nguyen. At one point she claimed she had been married in Taiwan, but then she changed her story and said she was a migrant worker.

Investigations found that the woman’s real surname was Phan, and that she had been a legal migrant domestic caregiver around 10 years ago. Upon the completion of her contract, instead of leaving the country she paid a compatriot NT$2,000 (US$65) for a fake residence permit.

Using the false identification, the woman had been able to stay and work in Taiwan.

Police referred her to the New Taipei office of the National Immigration Agency, where is expected to face repatriation.

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