Tainan District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Tainan District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

After being frustrated by not winning the top prize in an arcade claw machine, an angry Vietnamese migrant worker simply stole the item.

However, he was caught on video removing the prize – a pair of bluetooth speakers – in the arcade in Tainan City, Southern Taiwan, late last month.

The worker’s troubles started on September 30 while he was on his way to meet a friend after work. He walked past the arcade on Jinhua Road in South District of Tainan City and saw the claw machine, the China Daily News reported.

He noticed that one of the machines featured bluetooth speakers as the top prize, so he decided to try his luck by paying and playing the machine. At the same time, the owner left the shop after placing a speaker unit on a table, which was intended for a previous winner who had asked for a different color.

After trying and failing in many games, the man became frustrated and decided to take the speakers on the table. However, he was filmed by the shop’s security cameras.

The theft was later reported by the shop owner to police. By October 7, officers from Yancheng Police Precinct located the Vietnamese man who was residing at a nearby worker’s hostel.

He admitted taking the speakers to police. The case has now been referred to the Tainan District Prosecutors Office. If convicted, the man would expect to be repatriated.