Seoul, South Korea. Photo by iStock.
Seoul, South Korea. Photo by iStock.

South Korea has introduced a new policy that will allow former illegal Vietnamese migrants back into the country.

From October 1, 2018, to March 31, 2019, illegal Vietnamese workers who depart the country voluntarily will be allowed to re-enter South Korea without repercussions, VN Express reported.

Officials in South Korea said the new policy of clemency will pursue and apprehend unlawful employers and illegal workers who affect employment chances of local people and adversely affect local customs.

Authorities will deport and blacklist illegal workers who are caught in raids. As well as being banned from re-entering Korea for 10 years, deportees will also be reported to the Vietnamese authorities.

Vietnam’s Overseas Labor Center said they have developed procedures to assist Vietnamese migrants in South Korea. Migrants can request assistance in returning to Vietnam.

South Korea is one of the most favored destinations for Vietnamese migrant workers. Even with over 45,000 registered workers there, Vietnamese still account for around 40% of illegal migrant workers in South Korea.

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