Farrer Road in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A video showing a woman yelling at her domestic worker to hurry her to hail a taxi in Singapore has gone vital since it was filmed and made public last Thursday.

At about 6:30pm on October 11, the employer – the woman dressed in pink – was seen yelling at the maid near the MRT Station on Farrer Road, the Stomp reported.

In the video, the employer can be heard shouting: “The wind is blowing. If not, I don’t need you to do, okay?”

While the domestic worker attempts to hail a taxi, the employer continues to berate her, at one point threatening her, saying: “You don’t ask me so much. You just put your hand out for a taxi, can or not? Before I throw you here okay?”

In the end, a yellow ComfortDelGro taxi stops and picks the two women up.

The video uploader told the online media outlet that it was shocking to see the woman yelling at her domestic worker and he felt the worker did not know how to differentiate between cars and cabs on the road, so it took her some time to get a cab.

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