Wild pigs can be dangerous, but experts agree that they are intelligent. Photo: iStock

Two hunters were injured by a wild boar in Loire-Atlantique, France, on Wednesday, one very seriously. On October 24, Jean-Pierre Lucas and his fellow hunters were in the Frossay area when a boar attacked two men in the group, The Koz Post reported.

The head of the hunting party, who was not named, fired and hit the boar, but it turned on him. The boar injured his leg and knee despite being shot at least four times. Another hunter was also attacked by the boar, leaving him severely wounded and in a critical condition.

The president of the hunting society of Saint-Hubert said boars had been reported in the village and had ravaged land in the area. Investigators concluded that the hunt followed all safety protocols.

France has recently seen a resurgence of wild boars ravaging farmlands and crops, with local communities encouraging hunters to cull their numbers.