Lake Lhota in the Czech Republic, where the two boys drowned in August. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Three people in the Czech Republic have been charged with “negligence resulting in death” after two Vietnamese boys drowned at a bathing resort in August.

The two seven-year-olds drowned at the Lhota Lake resort in the Central Bohemian region two months ago. Previous media reports indicated the mothers of the boys tried to get help from resort employees but the staff were impolite and denied any help. An unnamed witness said staff members spoke to the mothers with disrespect, calling them “scum.”

The incident raised concerns of racism as the boys’ parents said the employees refused to help because of their ethnicity.

Last week, police arrested three employees of the resort on suspicion of negligence resulting in death, Radio Prague reported.

If found guilty, the three suspects could face one to six years in jail.

Official statistics show that around 65,000 Vietnamese people live in the Czech Republic, making them the European country’s third-largest ethnic minority.

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