Tai Au Mun in Sai Kung, New Territories. Photos: Google Maps, Wikimedia Commons, Thomas Brown

A woman called the police for help after finding seven baby snakes in the garden of her village house in Sai Kung, in Hong Kong’s New Territories, on Tuesday.

At 2am, the 46-year-old owner of the village house told police she had initially found five snakes, all around 30 centimeters long, in her garden in Tai Au Mun, news website HK01.com reported. She then saw one snake slither into her house while another moved to a banana tree in the garden.

A snake expert was called in. He first looked for the snake inside the house and caught it before finding the other six young reptiles on the banana tree.

He confirmed that all seven snakes were Ptyas mucosus, also know as common rat snakes, which are commonly found in Hong Kong. They are non-venomous but can get quite large in adulthood.

As it’s the season for snake eggs to hatch, the expert believed that baby snakes would appear more often.