Wellington, New Zealand. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Wellington, New Zealand. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A video of a woman’s racist rant against a Filipino family on vacation in New Zealand has gone viral. Krizia Alexa Egipto, 18, said in a Facebook post that she and her family were in Wellington on vacation when a woman approached them and told them they were not welcomed in the country, the Otago Daily Times reported.

“The lady said, ‘Don’t come back here anymore. You’re not welcome here. This is only for white people. This country is for white people only’,” Egipto said.

Egipto said she and her family were at a coffee shop when they were approached by the woman. Staff from the shop then approached the woman and asked her to leave. However, Egipto and her family bumped into the woman again and the abuse continued.

“We went outside all ready to walk around the city, then my mother saw the woman again and she was racist to us again,” she said.

Egipto said she has never experienced this level of racism before and had lived in New Zealand for four years.