Volunteers and a staff member took about five minutes to secure the python. Photo: YouTube.

Video of a large python discovered in a convenience store in Bangkok has gone viral on the internet. Employees at a 7-Eleven in Chonburi province discovered the four-meter snake at about 9am on Sept. 30, next to a large fridge full of beer, Coconuts Media reported.

Staff called Sawangpreteep, a rescue volunteer group, to come and capture the large snake. It took no more than five minutes for the skilled volunteers to restrain the reptile and place it in a fertilizer sack.

The group later released the snake back into its natural habitat and wrote about the incident on their Facebook page.

The snake most likely entered the store to shelter from the flood outside, they said. The 7-Eleven convenience stores in Thailand often get stray animals paying surprise visits to take shelter or the air-conditioning.