Jurong West Ave 1, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Jurong West Ave 1, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 60-year-old housewife called for police assistance on Thursday after allegedly being scratched by a 42-year-old Vietnamese shop assistant at a store in Singapore.

The drama happened at a women’s hair accessories shop, the Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reported.

The woman surnamed Lin told the newspaper that she accidentally bumped into a display shelf, causing a hair band to fall to the floor.

Lin, who claimed to have her hands full of combs and hair clips at the time, asked for help from a shop assistant, who refused to pick up the item. The woman eventually put it back by herself.

At the cashier, when the housewife criticized the assistant for being unhelpful and impolite, the assistant argued with her, prompting another shop assistant, a Vietnamese national, to come forward.

Lin said the pair did not allow her to explain but instead forced her out of the shop. When they did this, her arm was scratched by the Vietnamese assistant and so she called the police. However, she also admitted that she had struck the assistant on the head with a catalog she picked up in the shop

Meanwhile, the shop worker gave a different story, claiming that the woman was acting suspiciously, lingering in front of a display and deliberately pushing items to the floor to distract staff and give herself time to grab hair bands and put them in her bag.

Police confirmed that an investigation was ongoing.