Filipino migrant worker Ida Pacuancuan lost PHP250,000 (US$4,608) to her former boyfriend after she found out that he was having an affair. Photo: YouTube

A Filipino migrant worker lost PHP250,000 (US$4,608) and other household appliances after her former boyfriend had an affair with another woman in the Philippines.

In an episode of ‘Raffy Tulfo In Action’, a program which is broadcast both on television and radio in the Philippines, the migrant worker named Ida Pacuancuan said that she sent around PHP250,000 worth of remittances to her boyfriend, The Filipino Times reported.

Pacuancuan said the remittances were intended to pay for the construction of their home in the Philippines. However, Pacuancuan said that a friend of hers caught her boyfriend leaving another woman’s house in February.

She later found out that her boyfriend took all of her money as well as several appliances such as a refrigerator and a satellite dish, which Pacuancuan paid for while she was working overseas.

When Pacuancuan recently returned to the Philippines, she was penniless as she had given all her money to her boyfriend. Pacuancuan said she could not contact him as he had blocked her on social media and in his contacts.

Pacuancuan called out to her former lover to return everything that was rightfully hers, and told him that she has to support her own family as well.

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