City Plaza Shopping Center. Photo: Google Maps.
City Plaza Shopping Center. Photo: Google Maps.

Drunk and armed with a knife, Liyaqat Ali Ibrahim decided to teach a second man a lesson after he saw him harassing a group of domestic workers in a field near City Plaza Shopping Center, a court was told.

Liyaqat, 60, stabbed Zulkeflee Abdul Razak, 44, twice in his lower back with the concealed knife when they met up early on December 5 last year. Zulkeflee spent two days in the Changi General Hospital.

Charged with voluntarily causing harm with a dangerous weapon and with consuming and possessing a controlled drug, the unemployed Liyaqat was jailed for a total of three years and three months. District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim said the attack was “clearly premeditated”.

Evidence was given that Liyaqat became infuriated after seeing Zulkeflee yell at domestic workers having a picnic on December 3. Zulkeflee berated the workers for “dirtying his land”, and then kicked a pot of soup belonging to the group, The New Paper reported. 

Liyaqat left the scene but waited for Zulkeflee on December 5 at a spot he frequented near the mall after consuming alcohol. A scuffle ensued, with Zulkeflee throwing a punch but missing, and Liyaqat using his knife. Zulkeflee had two stab wounds, each measuring 1cm in length.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Yvonne Poon said Liyaqat had felt that the victim deserved to be punished for how he had treated the domestic workers on Dec 3, 2017, and that his actions had been inhumane”.

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