Minquan First Police Station of Taichung City Police Bureau, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 28-year-old Indonesian woman was arrested at a convenience store in Taichung in Taiwan after she had earlier been seen on CCTV cameras stealing circle lenses – contact lenses that make the eyes look bigger.

Minquan First Police Station of Taichung City Police Bureau received a report about an alleged theft at a convenience store after a pair of circle lenses went missing after a visit by an Indonesian migrant worker, the Liberty Times reported.

Officers checked the security footage and saw a woman wearing a cap and mask lingering suspiciously in front of the contact lenses shelf. Minquan police then waited until she returned and then arrested her.

She told police her employer had teased her about her eyes being small and when she was shopping at the store she was attracted by the circle lenses, which she believed would make her eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

She regretted the theft and offered to pay the store for the items. However, she was arrested for theft and her case will be handled by the local prosecutor’s office.