Visitors use their mobile phone at a Huawei promotional stand. Photo: AFP

Chinese major phone maker Huawei has launched two self-developed AI chips — Ascend 310 as well as Ascend 910 — which is being introduced as the single-chip with the largest computing density in the world, reported.

Huawei’s move to develop a deep learning open source framework similar to TensorFlow, Caffe, PaddlePaddle, and launching the AI algorithm models of private clouds and public clouds, appears to show the company is eager to overstep its bounds as a multinational telecom manufacturer.

While there are a lot of mature players in the AI chip field, Huawei’s entry to the sector is somewhat “accidental.”

Dang Wenshuan, the Chief Strategy Architect at Huawei, thinks the companys foray into the AI chip field is a natural extension of its existing business and will drive further growth.

Insiders say both the Ascend 310 as well as Ascend 910 are strategically aimed at major firms such as Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia.

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