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The Hong Kong Observatory has put out an alert about super typhoon Yutu. Presently near Guam and moving towards the seas east of Luzon, it has the potential to hit Taiwan and Japan.

The super typhoon, with Category 5 maximum sustained winds nearing 175 mph, is to pass over Saipan and Tinian today, according to the U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

The Hong Kong Observatory posted a message on its Facebook page on Wednesday informing people planning to visit Japan or Taiwan next week of a need to be aware of the movement of the super typhoon, which could be the most powerful to hit the region this year.

According to the Observatory, the path of the super typhoon remains uncertain; it might veer northeast before the beginning of next week or could threaten the northern part of the South China Sea.

The super typhoon could eventually pose a threat to the northern Philippines, Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands of Japan.

In September, super typhoon Manghkut struck the Philippines, affecting as many as 800,000 Filipinos and causing at least 82 deaths.

In Hong Kong, Manghkut caused substantial damage and injured more than 400 people, fortunately none seriously.

Meanwhile, a cold front will reach the south China coast on Friday night. Under the influence of the associated northeast monsoon, the weather over the region will be fine and dry early next week but will be slightly cooler in the morning and at night. The temperature may drop to as low as 19 degrees Celsius.

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