A monitor lizard. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
A monitor lizard. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A retired Indian footballer recently donated a monitor lizard to a wildlife department in India. Roko Angami donated the lizard to the wildlife department in Kohima, Nagaland, on Monday as part of an effort to promote wildlife conservation, Eastern Mirror reported.

Officials at Blyth’s Tragopan Conservation & Breeding Center received the lizard. Angami reportedly found the lizard on his farm in the Zhadima area.

Local forest inspector Kiukhenshi S Yimchunger thanked Angami for his efforts and said the lizard would be will be handed over to the Nagaland Zoological Park in the coming few days.

The lizard is not the first animal Angamai donated to authorities. Earlier this year he donated an eight-foot python he found on his farm.

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