Doha, Qatar. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Doha, Qatar. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Filipino workers in Qatar are to be given the chance to take civil service examinations to qualify for work with the Philippines government as an alternative to overseas employment.

The Philippine Embassy in Doha and the Civil Service Commission have recently conducted the Career Service Examination-Pen and Paper Test for professional and sub-professional levels in Doha, Manila Bulletin reported.

A total of 397 Filipinos took the exam; 364 of them took the professional level test while 33 took the sub-professional test. The exam was held at the Philippine International School in Qatar.

The Embassy said the civil service exam for Filipino workers in Qatar will help strengthen the government’s reintegration program and create a suitable alternative to overseas employment for Filipinos considering returning to the Philippines.

Filipino workers who pass the professional level test will next undergo the Career Service Professional Eligibility examination, which allows a Filipino worker to enter first level and second level positions in government if they pass. Those who pass the sub-professional test will qualify for clerical positions in government.