Fort Washington, Maryland, in the United States. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino-American man has won US$50,000 in a lottery at Fort Washington, Maryland, in the United States. Edgar Antido, who works as a butcher in Fort Washington, used the winning numbers in last week’s 6/58 Ultra Lotto in the Philippines to try his luck in Maryland’s Bonus Match 5 game that has a prize of US$50,000, GMA News reported.

Antido said he still keeps track of the lottery draws in the Philippines as he is an avid bettor on lottery games. “I watched the drawing from October 9 for Ultra Lotto and decided to use those same numbers to play Bonus Match 5,” Antido said.

The winning numbers of 6/58 Ultra Lotto on October 9 were 12, 16, 46, 03, 38. Antido decided to use the same numbers, except 46, at the Bonus Match 5, and won the prize. “I was so shocked, I couldn’t sleep,” he said.

Antido said he will use the grand prize on a vacation and the remainder of the money will go straight to his savings in the bank.