Dubai in the UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai in the UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker in Dubai who allegedly stole money and jewelry from her employer in 2009 was arrested after escaping and going into hiding for nine years.

In 2009 the Filipina, 40, reportedly stole 11,000 dirhams (US$2,995) worth of cash and jewelry from her female employer. She then escaped and her Emirati employers could not contact her, Gulf News reported.

After some time when the employers could not reach the Filipina, they filed an absconding complaint against her in November 2009. After nine years, police arrested the domestic worker. Records did not mention when or how the Filipina was arrested.

On Tuesday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the domestic worker was charged with stealing cash and valuables from her employers, which she pleaded not guilty to. She said she did not steal anything and wanted to fly back to the Philippines.

The Filipina’s legal representative said the domestic worker ran away from her employer’s residence because she was constantly humiliated, treated badly and physically abused. The Filipina was also not paid her salary for three months, she said.

A ruling will be heard on October 28.