Asia Times – عربي is proud to announce that it is now delivering breaking news from the Gulf, the Levant and North Africa, from Turkey and Iran and Asia, to a new audience of Arabic speakers.

Asia Times is Asia’s only combined local and English-language news platform and Asia Times – عربي will complement the Asia Times network that already publishes in English, Filipino, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese and Chinese and spans geo-specific news sites for China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.

By the end of 2018, Asia Times will also be also be publishing in Korean and Thai and a bespoke AI driven transliteration will soon be delivering news in the Bengali, Hindi and Urdu scripts to further expand the Asia Times reach in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Fully relaunched two years ago, Asia Times has since witnessed rapid readership expansion as Asia’s fastest growing news outlet, rising to over 18 million page views by more than six million users a month.

Asia Time’s pan-regional coverage and reach is driven by its three newsrooms and corresponding social media and multimedia teams, in Bangkok, Hong Kong and New Delhi, and its bureaus in Beijing, Beirut, London, New York and Seoul.

The Asia Times – عربي platform will add to this rapidly growing network by unlocking critical Asia Times content from China, India and beyond for readers in the Arab world.

Asia Times looks forward to your further engagement with our content online, including on Facebook and Twitter.

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