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Photo by iStock.

A 42-year-old Vietnamese man was arrested on September 1 for use of a fake immigration stamp to try to overstay in Perak, Malaysia.

As part of a nationwide operation named “Op Mega 3.0” aimed at flushing out illegal immigrants, officials from Perak Immigration office arrested 74 illegals, aged from 20 to 50, at three locations in Perak in the latest raids, The Sun Daily reported.

The people arrested came mainly from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia. One was a man of Vietnamese origin who was accused of using a fake immigration stamp on his passport, which suggested he had left and returned to Malaysia previously.

The Vietnamese who used the fake stamp was believed to have committed the crime to extend his period of stay in Malaysia, Perak Immigration director Kamalludin Ismail said.

All of the individuals arrested will be sent to the Langkap immigration detention center.

In the first eight months of this year, Perak Immigration officials have detained 1,249 illegal immigrants plus 33 employers in 340 operations.

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