The carpark at Wuri station, Taichung, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
The carpark at Wuri station, Taichung, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 37-year-old Vietnamese migrant worker from Taichung City, central Taiwan, was arrested by police under suspicion of stealing motorcycles that were left parked near train stations.

Several migrant workers reported motorcycles lost from a car park near Wuri station around midnight, the Taiwan Times reported, and three similar cases involving Vietnamese-owned motorcycles were noted by Wuri police.

Preliminary investigations and evidence suggested that a Vietnamese worker surnamed Pham, who was an employee at a fire engineering company in Changhua City, may be responsible for the alleged thefts.

Upon Pham’s arrest, he admitted to the officers that one day in May this year he badly wanted a motorcycle that would allow him to travel between his home in Wuri and his workplace in Changhua.

Using his knowledge of electrical wiring, he managed to start and ride away a motorcycle that he found parked by the side of a road, and which he kept for his own use.

Pham used the same method to steal two motorcycles owned by compatriots. After cutting through chains that immobilized the motorcycles at parking lots, he started the engines and rode them away. He claimed to have sold the vehicles for NT$1,000 (US$32.46) each.