Diao Yu Hong (left) wants to run for Taichung City Council. Photo: Facebook/Diao Yu Hong

A woman who first came to Taiwan as a tourist and ended up marrying and staying as a permanent resident for two decades and raising two daughters has decided to run for city council in Taichung so she can represent new immigrants and fight for their rights.

Born in Ho Chi Minh City in 1979, Diao Yu Hong, now 40, first visited Taiwan at the age of 18, and has resided in Taichung City since, The Journalist reported.

Over the years, she worked hard to blend into Taiwanese society, finding it friendly and celebrating cultural diversity. She learned everything from motorcycling to driving, hairstyling, and Chinese cooking, as well as the Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien languages.

This year Diao graduated along with her 18-year-old elder daughter from Ming-Der Girls’ High School. The mother pursued her studies at night school so she could earn the qualifications for running for Taichung City Council, fighting for the Southeastern District seat.

Asked why she wished to become a city councilor, Diao attributed it to her work experience as an interpreter in an employment agency, where she often gets in touch with foreign caregivers, factory workers and blue-collar workers who are vulnerable members of society who need assistance.

She said she hoped she could get their voices heard, and fight for their rights.