Kim Thuy speaking about her books. Photo: Facebook

A Vietnamese-Canadian writer has been shortlisted as one of four finalists for The New Prize in Literature, a one-time substitute for the annual Nobel Prize for Literature.

Quebec’s Kim Thuy, the author of critically acclaimed novels Man, Ru and Vi, has been selected as a finalist for The New Prize, VN Express reported.

The Nobel Prize for Literature was canceled for 2018 after Jean-Claude Arnault, a member of the prize’s voting body, was charged with rape.

The other three finalists were Neil Gaiman from Britain, Maryse Conde from France and Haruki Murakami from Japan. The winner will be announced on Oct. 12. Thuy said her fellow finalists were cultural icons and veteran writers, while she was only a beginner.

Formed by a group of 126 members of a Swedish arts of culture community, the New Academy nominated a list of 47 candidates, including Margaret Atwood from Canada and J K Rowling from Britain, in July. The academy will be dissolved by the end of this year, reported.

The Nobel Prize for Literature will be awarded to two winners in 2019. The interim Permanent Secretary for the Nobel Prize Academy, Anders Olsson, said time is needed to recover confidence from the public before any more laureates can be awarded.