A shopping mall on Pasir Ris Close, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
A shopping mall on Pasir Ris Close, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A Vietnamese shoplifting syndicate were arrested in Singapore on Sunday after allegedly stealing over 800 items with an estimated value of S$26,000 (US$18,974) from clothing stores across the city state.

Two men and two women aged between 26 and 31, all Vietnamese nationals, were identified and intercepted on Chin Swee Road on September 16, one day after a theft case was reported in a retail store on Pasir Ris Close, The Straits Times reported, citing a police media meeting conducted on Monday.

The gang used tinfoil-lined paper bags to evade detection from the shops’ anti-theft sensors, allegedly helping them get away with a total of 868 items of women’s clothing including undergarments, in what was noted as the largest shoplifting case in recent years.

Among the recovered stolen items, 529 of which were bras, pliers, hangers and pieces of luggage were seized. Preliminary police investigation suggested that the luggage was intended for transporting the stolen clothing out of the country for selling.

The four suspects were charged in court on Tuesday with the offence of theft in dwelling with common intention. If convicted, they could face imprisonment of up to 7 years, and also be liable to a fine.