A Chinese mobile-phone user dials the taxi-hailing car-service app DiDi Chuxing. Photo: Xinhua

The Ministry of Transport is set to organize a cross-ministerial safety inspection on ride-hailing companies, after two tragic homicide cases in four months on the Didi Chuxing platform, The Paper reported.

All ride-hailing platforms, including Didi Chuxing are required to carry out self-examination and rectification of safety hazards. “Shun Feng Che,” the car-pooling service on Didi, will also be halted indefinitely before the completion of the safety check.

It is emphasized that ride-hailing operating platforms should carry out a comprehensive background check of drivers who apply to provide services, as well as a clean-up of drivers and vehicles which fail to meet requirements by the end of this year.

In addition, platforms must not distribute orders to non-verified drivers and should use facial recognition and other technologies to review the consistency of the driver and the vehicle before the dispatch of orders.

It may also be necessary to use Big Data technology to provide early warning of risks, such as route deviation and unreasonable long-time stop by.