The woman cleaning the fourth-story window. Photo: Facebook/Time News International

A photo showing a woman cleaning a window from the outside of a residential building in Hong Kong has gone viral on social media.

A picture uploaded on social media on Saturday afternoon showed the woman standing with half her body outside the window of an apartment in Hong Kong, Sing Pao reported.

The woman was apparently cleaning an external window without safety gear. The person who took the photo did not give the location of the building, but the photo showed the apartment was four stories above the ground.

It was difficult to identify whether the woman was a domestic worker. Many commented that it was dangerous for anyone to clean external windows without having proper training.

Over the past five years, there have been six cases of foreign domestic workers falling to their deaths while cleaning windows. In 2017, the Labor Department introduced rules aimed at protecting domestic helpers from requests to clean the exterior of windows in high-rise buildings.

Two new clauses were added to employment contracts. One clause states that only windows with locked grilles can be cleaned by maids. The other stated that no part of the domestic worker’s body should be outside the window except the arms.

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