Qatar-owned PSG released a statement announcing the crypto deal on Tuesday and, while it did not reveal the length of the agreement or how much money they will make from it, a source told AFP they expected it to be worth 'several million euros.' Photo: AFP

French footballing giants Paris Saint-Germain are launching their own crypto-currency after announcing a new partnership with, a blockchain company based in Malta.

According to AFP, Qatar-owned PSG released a statement announcing the deal on Tuesday, but did not reveal the length of the agreement or how much money they will make from it, although a source told the French news agency they expected it to be worth “several million euros.” describes itself as a “tokenized football fan voting platform,” with the title derived from the Spanish name given to members of La Liga giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. The idea is to allow PSG fans to buy tokens which allow them to vote in online club surveys.’s own website says it gives “fans access to club branded fan tokens that come with voting rights and access to VIP level club rewards and engagement opportunities.” The team behind it has raised more than $66 million in financing so far.

PSG, who signed Brazilian superstar Neymar for a world record fee of $260 million last year, also want to “release rewards, exclusive content and all kinds of experiences” through the deal, according to the club’s head of sponsorship, Marc Armstrong. founder Alexandre Dreyfus told AFP his company’s idea is to “reinvent … in more of a 2.0 style” the concept of the “socio,” which in Spain means allowing fans to be directly involved in club decision-making by essentially making them shareholders.

However, rather than being involved in key strategic decisions, PSG supporters are likely to be paying to have their say in more anecdotal decisions, starting from “early next season.” These could include issues like selecting the design of the team’s jersey.

Blockchain, the system that moves chunks of data securely through an online ledger, has been put to growing uses from medical records to banking and most prominently as the tool behind crypto-currency Bitcoin.

In PSG’s case, there will be a “limited” number of club-stamped tokens released thanks to the blockchain. The price of the tokens has yet to be set, “but their cost will be very low because obviously this is aimed at as many people as possible,” said Dreyfus.

Beyond the monetization of the sale of the tokens, PSG say the objective of this venture is fan engagement and better supporter experiences.

“Not just those who attend matches but also those in Asia, in the United States and in all four corners of the planet,” says Armstrong.

Having already moved into eSports, PSG are hoping this move reinforces their presence in the digital domain, with Armstrong calling it a “strategic partnership, rather than a deal in which someone pays us just to be associated to a brand.”

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