Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino clerk in Dubai has pleaded guilty to installing a camera to film his Filipino roommates taking showers. On Thursday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the 41-year-old Filipino man admitted he filmed his roommates naked and watched the content, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

One of the roommates said she found a camera in the ceiling of the bathroom and told the others. They took down the camera and checked its memory card for the content, which contained videos of themselves naked in the shower.

The Filipino tried convincing his roommates not to file a case and promised to delete the videos. However, one of the roommates discovered that he started filming his roommates from December 2017 and had more than 100 videos and images of them naked.

The roommates then filed a case against him, who pleaded guilty to molesting and breaching the modesty of his female roommates. A ruling on the charges will be heard on Oct. 8.