Dubai in the UAE, where it is illegal to have sex out of wedlock. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker was charged on Thursday with theft and having illicit sex with a man inside her employer’s villa in Dubai.

The 32-year-old woman, who had worked for her Emirati employer for six years, allegedly allowed a Filipino man and her employer’s Indian driver inside the villa while the employer was away, Khaleej Times reported.

When the employer heard from a relative that the Filipina had uploaded pictures of herself with the men inside the villa, the employer installed security cameras and caught the domestic worker letting the two men enter the villa.

The employer confronted the Filipina, who confessed she had brought a Filipino man inside the villa and had sex with him. She was also intimate with the Indian driver, who was not allowed to enter the villa.

She also confessed to stealing a diamond ring worth 5,000 dirhams (US$1,300) that she wore in one of the photos. The employer’s wife had lost the ring for some time.

On Thursday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the domestic worker was charged with theft and the driver was charged with trespassing. Both were charged with having sex out of wedlock.

In Dubai, it is illegal to have sex if you are not married. Violators face imprisonment, a fine or deportation.

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