Lan Dong-Hua is still the only female worker at the San Jin factory. Photo: Workforce Development Agency, Taiwan

An Indonesian immigrant in Hsinchu, Taiwan, who previously had difficulty securing full-time work, is now a supervisor at a factory where she excelled as the only female employee.

Lan Dong-Hua, 40, who adopted a Chinese name after marrying her Taiwanese husband, has now been a permanent resident in Taiwan for 11 years. However, for a long time she could only find part-time jobs as her spoken Mandarin was not strong, the Common Daily reported.

Over the years she developed her language skills until now she speaks the local language almost fluently. In search of a more sustainable career, Lan sought help from Workforce Development Agency in Hsinchu.

With a referral from the agency, Lan became the first female employee at San Jin, a company manufacturing control panels and distribution boards, where she was hired to work alongside 30 male colleagues.

After Lan excelled in her role as a spray painter, the company promoted her to the role of supervisor in the spray paint section, where she now oversees the work of other colleagues.