People celebrate Hsinchu International Day in the city where many immigrants hold down more than one job. Photo: Facebook/HsinChu.EasyDay

Amid the growing global trend of people having multiple jobs, a Thai-Vietnamese immigrant couple in Hsinchu, northern Taiwan, are happy to be “slash workers”, or independent workers who hold down more than one job.

They work in a factory during the day and have also established their own restaurant business as well as a Muay Thai training class.

The couple, the husband is from Thailand and his wife from Vietnam, met while working at the Jih Hsin Glass Company in 2006, The China Times reported.

After they got married they decided not to return home but to stay in Taiwan.

For the past 10 years they have worked in factory jobs by day and have started a small restaurant serving Thai and Vietnamese cuisine at night. And recently the husband and some friends have begun teaching Muay Thai classes at their newly open fitness center.

The couple said that although they have a packed schedule, they are  happy to build a career using their strengths, abilities and interests.