Jacky Cheung in concert. Photo: YouTube
Jacky Cheung in concert. Photo: YouTube

Is Jacky Cheung only the king of Canton pop? Or is he the Bruce Wayne in China? The popular Hong Kong singer scored another victory – not just inside the fully-packed concert hall in Sichuan – but also outside the venue where police caught a dozen criminals.

Last Friday, mainland police caught more than 10 people who were allegedly thieves, sellers of fake tickets, staff card fakers – one even operated illegal unmanned aerial vehicles.

It seems there was a high correlation between the arrest and concert ticket holders of Jacky Cheung concerts. Even Cheung had to issue a statement, saying the gangsters would be caught anyway – be they in the concert or a convenience store.

After the third arrest, Cheung said: “No matter who you are, I think everyone needs a bit of entertainment.”

One explanation is these fugitives are indeed Jacky Cheung fans. They knew it was easy to make huge money in the grey market.

However, what they missed was the latest facial recognition technology, which allows police to pick them out as they walk into the shows.

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Some speculated that mainland police used the concert as an excuse to arrest wanted men, given that many were watching to see if any arrests would happen at the show.

For a big boss in the mainland police, the publicity and credit is welcome and there is nothing better than a big concert with big media coverage.

Perhaps someone should make Jacky Cheung an honorary member of a certain mainland city’s police department, the same as Bruce Wayne in Gotham City.

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