Hainan Airlines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Hainan Airlines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hainan Airlines, the largest civilian-run air transport company in China, says it has sold its wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing Guosheng Property Management Co. Ltd., in a deal worth 1.299 billion yuan (US$190 million), The Paper reported.

According to the report, 100% of the equity will be transferred to the Beijing Houpu Yunde Investment Management Partnership, which is 99.99% held by Beijing Vanke Enterprise Limited Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of real estate giant Vanke Group.

The target company, Beijing Guosheng, was newly established by Hainan Airlines in July this year, having an estimated value of 1.739 billion yuan. Its main asset is the Beijing Hainan Airlines Building.

Hainan Airlines is part of HNA Group’s Aviation & Tourism arm. It is not unusual for HNA Group to sell off assets. The Chinese conglomerate sold its original headquarters, Wanghai Science and Technology Plaza, to Sunac China in August.

Meanwhile, Jinjiang International confirmed that it would acquire a 100% stake in the Radisson Hotel Group from HNA Group.