Tina(babyvietcong@Twitter) Photo courtesy of Twitter.
Tina(babyvietcong@Twitter) Photo courtesy of Twitter.

A Vietnamese-American woman revealed how she avoided being bullied in elementary school in the United States by pretending that she was from a royal family in Vietnam.

The story emerged on Twitter when Tina (@babyvietcong) tweeted a photo of herself when she was a child, wearing a royal costume, explaining how she used it to avoid school bullies, Asia One reported.

She said that in elementary school she was teased because she looked different and could not speak fluent English. But after she told her classmates that she was from Vietnamese royalty, they stopped bothering her and started treating her with respect.

Her tweet went viral, attracting 180,500 likes, 200 comments and 44,000 retweets. Fellow Asian immigrants from China, South Korea and Bangladesh turned out to have also used the same trick as Tina. They retweeted and responded by uploading their own photos.

Tina was quoted in an AJ+ report saying that, given the chance to live her childhood again, she would definitely not move to New Jersey at the age of seven. She said her tweet was funny but it also revealed that many immigrants had to brace themselves to face similar degrees of harassment as she endured. She said the problem was not about individual cases, but was a result of deeper societal issues.

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