All four gang members were shot dead by the police. Photo: YouTube

Four Vietnamese members of a gang that robbed stores were shot dead by Kedah police in Malaysia early on Aug. 29 after a car chase ended in a shot-out.

At about 4:40am, local police gave chase to a car in Kedah which was speeding towards a highway, The Star reported.

Police instructed the car to pull over but one of the passengers suddenly opened fire and another tried to kill an officer with a parang knife. All four were shot dead and the police suffered no casualties, said Mior Faridalathrash Wahid, the Senior Assistant Commissioner of Kedah police.

The four were identified as Le Quoc Lang, Vu Dac Sinh, Truong Quoc Dat and Truong Van Long. They were believed to be members of a bigger gang – the Tembuk gang – that had been robbing stores throughout Malaysia.

Evidence recovered at the scene included a semi-automatic firearm, ammunition, two parang blades, gloves and other tools.

Police said gang members usually moved between cities and robbed shops that open late at night. 
Five other members of the gang were tried in a Jitra court last week.

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