The Asian Water Monitor is the second largest lizard behind the Komodo Dragon. Photo captured on Youtube.

A giant Asian monitor lizard was caught near a swimming pool in a Florida house in the United States last month. The Lieberman house was visited by the large reptile on August 29.

Local 10 News ABC were told by parents Zack and Maria Lieberman that they were worried about their children.

According to Zack, it was not the first time the lizard had turned up at their house. The six-foot reptile was first spotted by his wife a couple of days earlier roaming in their backyard. Zack managed to lure the lizard away from the house and into a forest.

Neighbors have spotted the lizard at the lake nearby as well.

A woman living in the same neighborhood claimed the lizard was her pet. She showed up at the Lieberman house to get the lizard but the operation bore no fruit as the lizard had not been spotted since the previous encounter.

A significant number of Tegu lizards that were brought to the US as pets have made the Florida wilderness their new home. So far, there is no estimate on the Tegu population in the US.

The state government has been trying to eradicate these lizards given their damaging and invasive nature. In addition, these lizards are not native to America. Specialist Jamie Rager told Thomson Reuters the public should stop the spread of these animals.

In a viral video shot in 2016, a giant monitor lizard invaded a house in Bangkok, Thailand, which was reported by The Metro. Days after the video was uploaded, house owner Attanai Thaiyuanwong told Coconuts Media that the lizard was a frequent guest. The family even went on to name it after their favorite singer, Selena Gomez.

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