Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have filed a case against a Saudi woman for forcing her Filipino domestic worker to drink household bleach.

On April 2, domestic worker Agnes Mancilla, 35, was rushed to King Fahad Central Hospital in Jizan after members of the Filipino community found her unconscious. Mancilla underwent a laparotomy to flush out the bleach from her stomach.

According to Edgar Badajos, the Philippine Consul General in Jeddah, Mancilla’s employer made her drink household bleach after she made a mistake preparing tea. Badajos said Mancilla was placed in intensive care for internal injuries sustained.

On Thursday, the Department of Foreign Affairs announced that Saudi authorities had filed a torture case against Mancilla’s employer, who was under police custody after Mancilla was hospitalized.

“We would like to thank authorities in Saudi Arabia for filing the necessary charges against the employer who abused our compatriot,” foreign affairs secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said.

Mancilla started working in Saudi Arabia in 2016 and was physically abused by her female employer. She was also not paid her salary and was made to work about 20 hours each day. She was only given coffee for her meals as well.

Original: Maid ‘forced to drink bleach’ by employer in Saudi Arabia

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