Employer criticized for search for second-hand clothes. Photo: iStock

Some Hong Kong netizens have taken an employer to task after she bought second-hand clothes for her domestic worker, though others thought that her actions were simply environment-friendly.

The employer posted a request on a Facebook group for used clothes that would fit the domestic worker and included a photo showing the worker’s back and details of her height and weight, Headline Daily reported. The Facebook group deals with second-hand goods, which are available either for free or for a payment.

Facebook viewers were divided over the posting, with some convinced the employer was too mean to buy new clothes for her domestic worker. One said it was fine if the employer wanted second-hand clothes for her own use, but not if she was buying for an employee.

Still others thought it was a worthwhile environmental gesture, adding that the employer was ultimately going to the trouble of buying clothes for her domestic worker, as they would not be free.

The employer eventually deleted the Facebook message, but the debate is continuing.

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