Taichung City Government, Taiwan. Photos: Google Maps, Youtube
Taichung City Government, Taiwan. Photos: Google Maps, Youtube

An Indonesian caregiver in central Taiwan appears to abuse an elderly man by slapping his head and face, thrusting food into his mouth and kicking the wheelchair-bound patient, CCTV footage posted online has revealed.

A netizen surnamed Lin wrote to Taiwanese website Breaking News Commune and posted the video to show how a Taiwanese man in his 80s was treated by the Indonesian caregiver at home in Taichung.

The 2:40-minute video was secretly filmed on June 2 after the old man complained to his family that his caregiver was treating him badly. It shows the man slapped on the head by the woman every time he was fed with a large portion of mashed food on a spoon.

She was allegedly seen stuffing his mouth with food before the old man could swallow the previous mouthful.

When she was about to take the elderly man out for a stroll in his wheelchair, she attempted to kick him in the face, then forcefully put a cap on his head, while poking and pushing his head several times.

According to the Liberty Times, the Taichung City Government’s Labor Affairs Bureau has yet to receive a complaint about the alleged abuse. A spokesman for the bureau appealed to the public that the victim’s employer and his family should report the case, so that it can help arrange another caregiver for the time being.

The bureau would also help the victim’s family to file claims and compensation for the abuse if they were confirmed to be true.

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