Yunlin District Court, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Yunlin District Court, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Taiwanese employer was jailed on Friday for five years and two months by Yunlin District Court after being found guilty of molesting and attempting to rape his Vietnamese migrant worker on multiple occasions three years ago.

The man surnamed Liu was convicted of outraging the modesty of the Vietnamese woman after hiring her for a company in Yunlin in 2015, The Liberty Times reported.

The court learned that the first indecent assault was noted on November 14, 2015. While there was no one in the company canteen, Liu restrained the victim by hand, grabbed her in a “bear hug” and pressed his body hard against her from behind.

After, the employer called the victim by public address system to his room, where he pushed her down onto the sofa, kissing her forcefully. He then fondled her breasts and rubbed himself against her.

The victim managed to free herself from Liu, but was immediately restrained by her employer, who pulled her trousers down in an attempted rape. Fortunately, the victim managed to escape.

However, the migrant worker was initially too afraid of losing her job, so she did not report the incidents or speak about what happened to her to anyone.

Five months later, in April 2016, the man reportedly forcibly hugged the woman at the factory after work. This time, she felt unable to put up with the abuse any longer and sought help from her employment agent and friends.

Liu pleaded not guilty in the Yunlin court, denying all charges and any sexual assaults.

However, the court compared the victim’s recordings and texts, as well as results from an examination report by a hospital, which suggested that the victim had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the harassment by Liu.

So, the accused was found guilty of molestation and one count of attempted rape and was jailed for five years and two months.