Supreme Court of Taiwan. Photo by Wikipedia
Supreme Court of Taiwan. Photo by Wikipedia

A Vietnamese man was sentenced to 15 years jail for murder and causing bodily harm after killing a compatriot and injuring two other men in a restaurant in New Taipei City last year.

Bui Tien-dung had a quarrel with another Vietnamese man surnamed To in the toilet of a Vietnamese restaurant in Xinzhuang district in June 2017, Central News Agency reported, citing court documents. The two seemed to have resolved their conflict with a handshake but Bui remained unhappy about the incident.

Bui’s cousin went out to buy five knives as he was worried that To would seek revenge. When Bui and his cousin were about the leave the restaurant, Bui went to To’s booth and stabbed a man surnamed Pham to death with a knife. He also injured To and his friend, also surnamed Pham, on their arms and backs.

Bui was previously given a 16-and-a-half-year jail term by the New Taipei District Court for murder and an attempted murder. But he appealed the case to the Taiwan High Court.

On Tuesday, the Taiwan High Court said Bui’s intention to murder Pham was clear as he stabbed the victim in the chest. However, there was no evidence that Bui wanted to kill To and the other Pham as he was only waving the knife at them.

The High Court dropped the attempted murder charge against Bui and reduced his jail term to 15 years.

He is due to be deported once he has served his prison sentence.