Changhua District Court in Yuanlin in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Two Vietnamese migrant workers escaped with no punishment by judges at the Changhua District Court in central Taiwan after pleading guilty to stealing a bunch of six bananas and a banana heart from a farm in April this year.

The two men rode an electric motorcycle to a banana farm at about 10am on April 29, China Daily News reported. One snuck into the farm, cut a bunch of six bananas and a banana heart from a tree and handed them to the other man who was waiting outside the farm.

The pair were caught red-handed by the farm owner who filed a report to police. The two men admitted stealing the bananas and claimed they needed a banana heart for a natural remedy to smooth one of the men’s itchy skin.

The court heard the pair paid NT$6,000 for the stolen items and the farmer had forgiven them. The judge in the Changhua District Court ordered no punishment as the migrants were only blue-collar workers.