Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island where the altercation took place. Photo: Google Maps
Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island where the altercation took place. Photo: Google Maps

A video showing two women fighting on a tram in Hong Kong and then one of the women scuffling with police officers before eventually being subdued and handcuffed has gone viral on social media.

One woman was eventually handcuffed by police, but not before resisting and proving to be too strong for the officers.

The 4-minute video posted by a Facebook group was taken by a passer-by and shows two women arguing with each other on a tram in Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island on Wednesday.

However, the reason the women started arguing is not explained on the video clip. The video starts by showing a woman wearing a floral-printed dress angrily pointing her finger and shouting at another woman passenger wearing a white top.

Suddenly the woman in the white top slaps the other woman. Enraged, the woman in the floral-printed dress unleashes a barrage of punches and slaps in return. For a brief time the inside of the tram becomes a boxing ring as the two women trade blows.

Two passengers then step in and separate the two women. The woman in the white top quickly leaves the tram as four male police officers arrive.

Police tell the woman still on the tram to calm down and sit down, but the enraged, angry woman resists. She starts swinging at one of the officers and after a scuffle, is eventually subdued and handcuffed.

A police spokesperson confirmed the fighting happened at 9:50pm on a tram at Pennington Street Station in Causeway Bay. They believed the 46-year-old woman was drunk when she had a fight with the other woman passenger. Police sent the handcuffed woman to a hospital for a check-up, Sing Pao reported.

Police classed the case as fighting in a public area, but no arrests were made.

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