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A 14-year-old girl in the Philippines will finally have a parasitic ‘twin’ on her chest removed as her neighbors have raised enough money for her to undergo surgery in Thailand.

Since birth, the girl from Iligan City in Kabacsanan province has been carrying an undeveloped twin as her parents lacked access to medical care, The Inquisitr website reported. She was born with the foot, arm and leg of the twin on her chest and abdomen.

The girl was quoted in a report by The Mirror as saying that the twin is heavy and limits her movement.

A spokesperson of the local government in Kabacsanan said the girl will have an operation in Thailand thanks to fundraising efforts by her neighbors. The spokesperson praised the girl as being a very sensible, clever and mature teenager as well as a wonderful pupil.

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Beda Espineda, the girl’s doctor, expects a successful surgery as the extra body parts are not vital organs and can be easily removed.

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