Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Photo: iStock

A columnist in the United Arab Emirates expressed his appreciation to Filipino domestic workers for their service and called them “silent heroes.”

In a commentary published by The National, columnist Saeed Saeed said he does not understand why some employers treat their domestic workers indifferently when they should be treated well and with respect.

“How can people treat those who work in their home with such a lack of humanity?” Saeed asked.

He said he is hopeful that the attitude to domestic workers will change and they will be treated with kindness and empathy as they work hard, not only for their employer’s family, but also for their family back in the Philippines.

“To me, they were the silent heroes who afforded my hard-working parents time to relax, and they provided us kids with the extra parental attention we craved,” he said.

Recalling his childhood, Saeed said he learned to appreciate how the world is a multicultural place and that various religions can coexist from his domestic worker, named Teresa. Saeed expressed his gratitude to Teresa as she was a big part of his growth.

“Thank you for playing your part in making me who I am,” he said.